Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Barley-Free Malt as Good as the Gluten-Stuffed Variety?

Reading various blog posts and reviews, as well as glancing at beer awards, makes it clear that many people find Snowman Brewing's gluten-free beers to be indistinguishable from traditional barley-malted (or wheat) beers.  Every gluten-free beer I have ever had has been, well, less than respectable, but Kevin Snow and Hirsch Goodman seem to have figured out a way to fix any flaws since they have repeatedly won awards in regular (or gluten-containing) beer categories at several prestigious homebrewing events, such that they are now turning to commercial production!

The latest news has it that their first release, brewed at Black Oak Brewery, and known as Snowman Pale Ale will see its release starting December 22 at Kensington Market's Burger Bar.  I look forward to trying this soon!

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