Thursday, 29 December 2011

Wellington and Great Lakes (US) Offering Some Promising Special Releases

Wellington Brewery is currently offering a very limited Welly Mammoth Winter Stout as part of their Welly One-Off Series.  This high alcohol (9% ABV) beast sounds both as legendary as the creature it's named after and as rich (in flavour) as those who successfully clone one will become (in fame and fortune?).  Wellington also assures us it will be extinct soon and is only available while limited quantities last at their retail store in Guelph, Ontario.

Great Lakes Brewing, in Cleveland, OH, is also making a limited time offering available in their Barrel-Aged Blackout Stout, another strong (9.5% ABV) special stout, this one aged in oak bourbon barrels.  A very affordably-priced special event on January 16th marks its release and offers the first public sales.

As I am unlikely to get to Guelph or Cleveland anytime soon, I just thought I'd remind you that there is a special place in beer heaven (right by the all-you-can-drink Westvleteren bar) for those who pick me up limited releases like this for review (especially since, of course, I'd be drinking them solely as a public service to offer ratings and assuredly not for personal enjoyment)!

More soon!

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