Monday, 9 January 2012

Two Interesting Links: Mill Street Irish Red and Identifying & Returning Bad Beers

I might otherwise have written about these stories individually, especially since they are so disconnected, but they were so well written about by others that I thought I'd link to them individually.

First, as points out, Mill Street (an excellent Toronto and Ottawa brewery/brewpub) is now offering an Irish Red Ale (a favourite style of mine!) named Bob's Bearded Red Irish Style Ale on draught only at the brewpub and, perhaps, only one other location!  I gotta get there pronto!  I will let you know when I do.

In a completely disconnected story, since Mill Street never has and never would serve a bad beer, has a very useful article with a graphic chart that is well worth reading on common signifiers/identifiers for bad beer and etiquette for returning one at a bar.  The article is titled, "When Craft Beer Goes Bad: A Guide to Refusing a Beer."

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