Sunday, 26 February 2012

I Need Your Help Finding Montreal Beer and Blue Jays!!!!

So, I need some help.

With my pending move to Montreal (and a no-cable-initially plan), I really need to find somewhere I can catch the odd Blue Jays game.  There has to be a pub of Jays fans somewhere in the city, but my web searches have come up empty.  Anyone?  Post in the comments, then join me for a game, and have a couple on me as thanks!

Also, I am wondering about beer spots.  Yes, I will be frequenting Dieu du Ciel and St. Ambroise, but would love to find pubs with wider selections/imports - a place like Toronto's The Only Cafe or barVolo or even The Rhino rather than a brewery-only selection (as good as they are!)

Finally, while the SAQ selection can't compare with the LCBO, it does have a few nice ones (Rochefort and Bernardus anyone?!), but most beer is purchased in convenience stores/deps and many have standard macro lagers plus a few Unibroue beers and nothing more.  I have found two stores with wider selections (Rahman Le Paradis de la Biere and Deppaneur AS) but both are pricey and in the same area of the city (the Plateau) and I would love to find some others as well.

Thanks for the help!

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