Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Lagged but Not Laggered: Delayed for a Reason

Yes, I have been busy and beaten down of late.  I have had far too little time to drink good beer (though not none, so life isn't bad, just hectic!)

Part of that is because I started a new job part-time, but the work hours themselves are not the reason behind my absence and semi-consumptive lack, rather it is because this job is in Montreal and until our pending move I have been commuting Mondays to Thursdays and returning only to do it again week after week.

I promise a pending review of Cheshire Valley Irish Red Ale soon and, though I won't be the first to review it, I did manage to get my hands on a pre-release swig or two so I will try to get the next Toronto blog review of this tasty beer rolling!

But before I get to punching that out upon the keyboard, I am seeking some advice from anyone out there who may know...

Good beer bars/(English)blogs/deps(beer stores)/etc in Montreal.

Yes, Dieu du Ciel and McAuslan's summer terrace will become my staple haunts.  Yes, Rahman Le Paradis du Biere and Depanneur AS will become my likely normal shopping hubs, but I have just pretty much exposed the entire extent of my Montreal beer scene knowledge and will need to expand my repertoire.  I NEED YOUR HELP!!!  Send me tips in the comments!

I do promise to continue keeping up on the Ontario beer scene (as I will visit frequently and hope visitors keep me stocked with non-Belgian style Ontario beers since, by my best estimate, about 99.8% of beers available in Quebec are Belgian-esque or crap - and there is admittedly less crap than elsewhere, but it is nonetheless still a category!)  (Don't get me wrong, btw, I do love a good Dubbel, a fine Quad, and a super Saison, or even a Triple, Blonde, Gueuze, or Lambic from time to time, but I will just miss so many other beer styles that either aren't made or aren't imported here!)

Help me out!

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