Saturday, 21 April 2012

Reorienting Myself

So, with an invite to share my (infrequent, but nonetheless occasional) baseball thoughts at Big Smoke Signals, combined with my move, I have decided to reconsider my beer focus slightly.  I'll address the specifics in turn below.

First, on baseball, though I will still link to my baseball posts here, when they do arise, I will post them at Big Smoke Signals (and will begin with my delayed Jays' pitchers thoughts for 2012 shortly).

Second, I will - for presumably obvious reasons - be drinking more Quebec beer and attending more Quebec beer events.  Thus, it seems only logical that there will be a disproportionate focus on Montreal area beers, breweries, bars, news, and events.  Though I have not blogged excessively about this yet, I am only beginning to orient myself towards the scene here.

However, I will not neglect those stories of note from elsewhere or those tastings for (Canadian or literal) imports, though they will likely diminish.  For those in Quebec, welcome to my blog; for those outside, I hope you visit and do so with anticipation of tasting beers mentioned herein!

Finally, though I still may periodically comment on politics and/or Linux, as I have yet to do so since I comment of politics for a living and on Linux on Facebook, I have removed this description from the blogroll.

That doesn't mean I won't retain my right to multi-task herein, but it means I have chosen to focus on the maltyness of the name and the pun may, from here-on-in, refer to my other interests and external expressions rather than the blog scope.

The links remain and shall!

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