Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Canadian and Ontario Brewing Awards, and a Few More Links

Having been busy, drinking, working, and parenting, I have been behind on my news feeds, so I now offer a few great links.

First, here are links to the winners of The 2012 Canadian Brewing Awards and the 2012 Ontario Brewing Awards (watch for winners right now at the ongoing Ontario Craft Beer Week!)

And, finally, a nod to an excellent post by Jordan St. John (on his blog St. John's Wort) that captures the ways timing, historicity, and quintessence frame a beer's perception creating legends that don't always sit well with everyone, even beer aficionados.  Specifically, he relates the much-revered Pliny the Elder (that I have yet to get my hands on) to the cultural legacy of, for example, Citizen Kane.  Great writing that sums up a feeling I have had before on some purportedly quintessential beers.

That's all for now!

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