Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Affligem Dubbel is Truly a Gem

Despite having never really gotten into the more common (in Ontario) Affligem Blonde, I have to say that this beer impressed me! (Review after the pic!)

Visually, a thick, off-white, foamy head tops a light brown body that is faintly cloudy and full of chunky white-ish particulate. Gorgeous! Aromas of brown sugar, molasses, baking bread, raisins, and caramel predominate with a primary sweetness and just a touch of faint tart cherry. Taste is similar to the aroma and quite toffee dominant. So deliciously sweet it is nearly cloying, but not quite! It is quite creamy despite fairly high carbonation on a medium body. This is just an excellent dubbel and an LCBO must-buy if any remain on the shelves! Grade: A/A+

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