Sunday, 16 December 2012

By Way of Multi-Tasked Aside: Idle No More!

I have promised not simply beer on here and have given mostly beer, but for a brief aside, I'd like to call attention to the many issues facing Canada's First Nations peoples and the #idlenomore campaign, alongside those in hunger strike to address these serious issues and legitimate grievances.

With 7000 outstanding land claims in Canada being 'resolved' at a rate of one every seven years, it would be 49,000 years until these are addressed - if the genocide and assimilation are not complete by then (and if the corporate colonial model has not assured our climactic destruction long before then).  In the meantime, the federal Harper government is trying to circumvent the treaties already signed.

We are living in an advanced colonial settler state and should support the very real, very legitimate claims and actions of the people whose land and lives we continue to steal and deny.

For information from the movement itself, check out:

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