Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Dry No More: Welcome to Verdun, Benelux!

Historically, an eternally dry neighbourhood,* my 'hood, Verdun, has wet its welcoming whistle with yesterday's opening of Benelux's second brewpub at 4026 rue Wellington!

So, I popped in today!

It is a great location, and not simply because it is four blocks from my home!  Moreover, it sits near de l'Eglise and Wellington, right near de l'Eglise metro in the up-and-coming heart of Verdun.

Even more impressive, however, is the exterior old bank façade contrasted with the beautifully renovated interior.  The pub itself has varied seating for groups large or small, a great amount of space, an interior upstairs that overlooks the rest and a tremendous patio/terrasse.

By-laws mean they can only serve beer brewed on site, which for now means only one beer is currently available: Prélude (a 5% ABV Blonde Ale) which is quite good for a blonde, if unremarkable.  However, friendly brewer Tico says that Benelux's two locations will generally focus on different styles of beer.  While the original location emphasizes Belgian styles and American IPAs, this location will allegedly focus on English and German styles.  I am thrilled with the pending promise not only of a regular stout and stream of porters but of imperial stouts and numerous bourbon-barrel-aged versions at this location!  It may become my second office - and 10 students indeed had their papers graded there this afternoon!

The food is (so far) limited but of high quality with interior-grilled hot dogs, chicken, pulled pork, etc sandwiches on baguette with fresh potato chips.

It is, frankly, a gorgeous establishment with the promise of nearby cask, a rotating selection and BBA imperial stouts... within triple-jumping distance.  Come visit... we'll go!  More on the forthcoming beers will be, well, forthcoming!

*Note: by "dry" it means that Verdun has allowed the purchase of much booze in many places, but nowhere out without a meal.  One could always hit up the local SAQ for all types of alcohol and buy beer/wine on every corner, while there are many bring-your-own-wine/beer establishments and several licensed restaurants, but this is its first ever bar!

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