Monday, 9 December 2013

Happy Birthday to Me

Not me exactly, as in Derek, the guy behind the blog, but rather as in, Happy Birthday to the blog!  That's right.  Malty Tasker is two today.

Two years ago I began with an introductory post that accumulated - on its own not counting general page views - a grand total of twelve, yes, twelve page loads.  From those humble origins I have evolved to getting around and beyond 500 page views for many a post (which is nothing compared to some, but something I am nonetheless thankful for!)

And, as thankful as I am for your readership and support, I remain committed to the goals stated way back then, and repeated now, in humble desires.  My goal isn't the largest blog readership in the beer community, but rather to be a part of that community, to share as I review, to learn as I share, to evolve as it does.  In that vein, it has been a success beyond the 40-times-increase in readership; as I have had an immense evolution of my palate, my knowledge, my engagement in the community.  My early posts belie how little I knew then as I am sure a few years from now the posts contemporaneous to this will seem amateur-ish as well.  That is fine with me... it is my goal, indeed, to share through growth and grow through sharing thoughts as much as beers.

Over these past two years, I moved from Toronto to Montreal and, though I have maintained the community of old, I have procured a new community in the vicinity of my new home.

For those in Toronto, Montreal, or beyond, thank you for welcoming my two-year old Malty Tasker incarnation into the scene and for the craft beer evolution that is ongoing through my time within it!

So, on this happiest of birthdays, I turn the table and say, cheers to you!

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