Saturday, 2 May 2015

Grab Yourself a GrOpener, and Open Luxurious Brews in Style!

Beer geeks not only love beer, but also love beeraphinalia.  Somehow, we always find ourselves loaded with glassware and bottle openers far beyond our actual needs, and I often find myself seeking improved versions of such products (only occasionally dumping the no-longer used).  Whether it be a keychain opener, a compact one, a cooler-attached opener, or a branded one, it seems there is always another opener to buy.

Yet, not all openers are equal: some are attractive, yet limited in functionality, others are sturdy and easily manipulable, yet bend caps.

I have now found the ideal product that fulfills nearly every requirement for my needs and has become my staple opener: the GrOpener (Grab Opener) hits nearly every nail on the head... errr, cracks nearly every bottle perfectly!

It is difficult for me to make a video of the ease and awesomeness of this product that could compete with their own, so go check it out at

Just what makes it so great that I'll endorse it and not simply beer?

  • It opens a beer with one hand, with relative ease (after a brief few attempts of giving it a shot to learn the required pressure).
  • It has a built in powerful magnet with a multi-purpose: it attaches to any metal surface for storage/easy reach, it snaps into place on the cap for ease of use, AND it holds the cap after removal.
  • It leaves caps in perfect shape for those who wish to keep them (and add to their beer-related memento stashes)
  • It is sleek, comfortable, and comes in many colours, as well as a scratch-resistant designed premium model
Quite frankly, these have become my go-to openers and basically the only ones I use, with the following exceptions, and slight limitations:

  • There is no keychain version (though the magnet would limit the desireability of such an incarnation anyway)
  • The GrOpener doesn't do quite as well with large format caps (Cantillon, BA Le Trou du Diable, etc) Though it can succeed with these, it takes much more force, occasionally falters, & is less effective at its near perfect cap preservation.
For these limitations, I cannot discard the rest of my openers, but in the few months of my GrOpener possession, it has not only become my go-to product for its expertise in these areas, but I have come to lament when I am forced to use something else.

And, if you need further proof, the company is run by responsive, friendly staff who care for your satisfaction!

Seriously, this is no gimmick.  Many ingenuitive products fall short in ways beyond their advertised strengths, but even with some limitations, this shit is as real as Hill Farmstead beers.  You may think this is false advertising as Shaun Hill's delights have no limitations, but really the only limitations to this well-conceived product are what it isn't (a large format or keychain opener), while HF saisons (for example) are not imperial stouts in the same way, but they are no less perfect at their strengths!  Believe the hype!  Grab your GrOpener at

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